Our Students & Families

We are eternally grateful to our families for all their kindness and hospitality over the years. Some have kept us well fed and hydrated, others have simply made us feel at home. To all of you, a heartfelt “Mahadsanid.”

TwinCities Tutoring is Family Tutoring

TwinCities Tutoring has been serving primarily immigrant and low-income families in the Twin Cities area and Minneapolis in particular for the past three years now. Our families tend to be large and their incomes low. Most of our families come from Somalia. Many of our parents received little formal schooling there due to decades of civil war and other significant obstacles to education. Particularly those who grew up in rural Somalia may have been schooled under a shady tree or in a classroom without a chalkboard, and thus cannot read or write their own language, much less English.

Among the diaspora fortunate enough to receive educations in countries like Pakistan or Yemen, many speak English only as a third or fourth language. The vast majority speak only limited English and are not able to communicate effectively with their children in English.

Our parents are passionate about their children’s education, but can neither provide it themselves to an adequate degree, nor afford the high cost of professional tutoring from well-established organizations.

In order to ensure that the children of immigrant and low-income families are able to realize their full potential, TwinCities Tutoring offers all families top tier tutoring without the top tier costs. We have found that intelligence and creativity are not functions of wealth, but that the absence of wealth can be a barrier to success. We fully understand why parents spare no expense in furthering the educational opportunities of their children, and we strive to match their passion and commitment in each and every session. We therefore endeavor each day to respect, in the words of educational pioneer Wilhelm von Humboldt, “the absolute and essential importance of human development in its richest diversity.”

We are a partnership of dedicated educators and parents who have been working in concert over the past few years to ensure that all students enrolled with us are receiving the very best supplemental education and academic enrichment training.Year round and seven days a week, we tutor in homes and community rooms in low-income neighborhoods throughout Minneapolis; our aim is to serve as many families as possible in a manner that fits their needs.

Ibrahim & Asli

Ibrahim & Asli

Special Thanks to:

Hibo, Hawo & Aliya
Amina & Yassin
Samsam & Ahmed
Ramla & Mohamed
Fartun & Liban
Fahmo & Isse
Fardowsa & Abdulkhaliq
Abshira & Abuluqman
Sacdiya & Abdullahi
Fowsia & Mohamed
Halima & Abdinasir
Ifrah, Muna & Munira
Sahro & Khadija
A Bright Future for All

A Brighter Future for All

Somali Youth Programs

The vast majority of our students come from the sizable Somali community of Minneapolis: since 2011, we have tutored more than 900 Somali youth along with dozens of college students and parents. In 2014, we tutored more than 240 Somali children, and so far in 2015, we have enrolled 140* more.

We also are building our school in the cloud so that students have ready access to a wide array of educational materials. In addition to workbooks for all our elementary school children, we provide access to web-based non-fiction readings in a wide range of subjects, access to National Geographic and story apps, and free ELA and reading instruction curricula provided by edmentum. Math practice is done both in workbooks and online, with each student receiving a personal IXL account that tracks skills practice sessions and charts progress.

We conduct a mix of formal and informal assessments throughout our time together, a process we will gradually formalize as we seek to align our curricula more closely with Minnesota State Standards, as defined by the Minnesota Department of Education. Each spring, we focus on preparation for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) and MCA II standards-based tests, and each fall we provide SAT, ACT and other standardized and college admissions test training. We also assist those older students who are new to the language, may have struggled on previous MCA tests, or need additional hours working towards completion of all high school graduation requirements.

* Totals updated monthly.