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What We Offer

Intensive one-on-one academic remediation or enrichment for all K-12th grade students who are performing below grade level or struggling to meet expectations. See our Tutoring Subjects for ways we can help. Priority is given to students who
  • demonstrate an ability to make progress and
  • a commitment to improving their academic performance.
Please Note:
We are not qualified or equipped to help children with learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, or severe behavior problems.

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eLearning Materials*

  • NEO LMS (3rd-8th Graders)
  • IXL Math and Language Arts (PreK-12th Graders)
  • *eLearning fees are per quarter: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

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    Tutoring Subjects

    Early Childhood Literacy
      Children ages four and up learn essential reading skills that will serve them the rest of their lives.
    Reading Remediation
      Reading skills intervention for students grades 3-8th who are at least a grade level behind, might be held back a year, or could be considered ELL but do not take ELL courses.
    Intensive Math
      Intervention for K-8th students who lack an intuitive grasp of numbers and concepts. We use adaptive learning programs from DreamBox and Khan Academy that analyze each student’s approach to problems and then present problems in different ways until a student demonstrates proficiency.
      We also offer intensive help to 9-12th graders who need extra help understanding concepts and solving problems in Geometry, Analytic Math, Algebra II, Precalculus and Calculus AB or BC.
    Credit Recovery
      For students who need to make up course work over the summer or might fail a course without immediate intervention.
      For students born abroad and taking ELL courses in school or struggling to keep up due to a language barrier.

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