High School & Beyond

  • Credit Recovery
    • Any student who may be held back due to poor test scores or incomplete assignments can make up credits all summer long, in all subjects, with our guided self-study and credit recovery program.
  • ELL:
    • TwinCities Tutoring has helped hundreds of young adults from all corners of the globe improve their English language skills and prepare for success after high school. Our students come from India, China, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and East Africa. Many arrive with a limited knowledge of English; with our help, they make tremendous strides towards English language proficiency.
  • Writing:
    • High school papers and college admissions essays are particularly difficult for non-native speakers. We provide academic writing instruction and e-learning courses to help our students master key skills.
  • PSEO Support:
    • Course placement tests such as the Accuplacer Tests of language and math skills. Beginning in the 9th and 10th grades, we help students master all elements of these exams using e-learning courses that adjust to students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Test Prep:
    • We use diagnostic tests, courses designed specifically for the PSAT, PLAN, SAT and ACT tests, and sample tests to prepare students for all the rigors of taking important exams.
  • High School Equivalency Degrees:
    • We coach students in the use of our free, comprehensive e-learning courses with diagnostic testing and progress tracking for the GED, Hi-SET and TASC high school equivalency programs.
  • Career Readiness:
  • For those not attending post-secondary schools, we assist with job applications and resumes using ACT Work Keys which improve crucial job skills such as business communication.

E-learning Programs

Study Island