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Low-cost academic support and enrichment in small groups to all K-12th grade students who receive free school lunches.

Priority is given to students who

  • demonstrate an ability to make progress and
  • a commitment to improving their academic performance.
  • Please Note:
    We are not qualified or equipped to help children with learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, or severe behavior problems.

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    eLearning Materials*

    • FAST Assessments (K-8th Graders)
    • NEO LMS (3rd-8th Graders)
    *eLearning fees are per quarter: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

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    Group Tutoring Locations:

      • East Lake Library
        2727 E. Lake St., Minneapolis 55407
      • Bottineau Park Recreation Center
        2000 2nd St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
      • Sumner Library
        611 Van White Memorial Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55411
    If you cannot make it one of our tutoring locations, please try the following: Hennepin County Library Homework Help

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    Group Session Calendar:

    Mon-Th: 3:00pm ~ 9:00pm
    Fri: 2:00pm ~ 6:30pm
    Sat, Sun: 12:00pm ~ 5:30pm