Early Stem

We rely on adaptive learning programs to identify gaps in your child’s foundational math skills and present new methods of approaching familiar problems, so that going forward, students have a greater chance of success.
In addition to using computer programs that help model problems, our tutors will show your children how to write math sentences and translate word problems into number sentences. We demonstrate approaches to solving problems so kids can work independently.

Elementary Science

The Natural World
Children explore the world around them; natural and artificial objects, their physical properties; weather; animals and life processes; natural systems.
Life Science
Living things: diverse with many different characteristics that enable them to grow, reproduce and survive. How offspring are generally similar to their parents, but may have variations that can be advantageous or disadvantageous in a particular environment.
Earth Science
Rocks are Earth materials that may vary in composition. Water circulates through the Earth’s crust, oceans and atmosphere in what is known as the water cycle.
Physical Science
Solids, liquids and gases are states of matter, their unique properties. Energy in different forms, including heat and electromagnetism.



More About Intensive Tutoring

Our Khan Academy Course Codes

  • PreK-2nd: Z4NSZJ
  • 3rd Grade: MQ2ZCP
  • 4th Grade: VQGWVC
  • 5th Grade: 6MU2P5
  • 6th Grade: 3RC5AV
  • 7th Grade: WBTUHA
  • 8th Grade: 7JDKJ3
  • Algebra I: VXVJW4
  • World of Math (All Levels) – R75NMM
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Student Feedback

“Great Results”
– Abdirahman, Minneapolis Thomas can make everything seem easier. When he explains it, things just make more sense. I started getting A’s on my tests for Algebra II and Precalculus, and then he helped with Calculus the next year.
“Thorough and Effective”
– Kristen K., Wayzata Thomas worked with our son to identify the areas of the ACT Math he wanted to focus on, then developed a customized plan to improve those scores. As a result, our son achieved his target scores on his most recent test, and learned key strategies that helped him improve on all sections. He really enjoyed working with Thomas!
“Very Organized! Lots of Resources.”
– Joy, Dalbo, MN on 4/28/14 Thomas helped my teen to make great strides in Algebra, Geometry and beyond. He was great to help with real understanding and test prep for both the ACT and SAT Math. He was very patient, easy to reach, and easy to deal with. Thanks Thomas!!
“Big Improvement with Thomas’s Help”
– Andrea Z., Edina, MN on 1/23/14 Thomas was extremely good at explaining PreCalculus; He’s extremely knowledgeable, especially when it comes to Trig, everyday applications and proofs. We enjoyed working with him.