Early Literacy

What We Offer

Intensive one-on-one academic remediation or enrichment for all K-6th grade students who are performing below grade level or struggling to meet expectations.

Priority is given to students who
  • demonstrate an ability to make progress and
  • a commitment to improving their academic performance.
  • Please Note:
    We are not qualified or equipped to help children with learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, or severe behavior problems.

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    Course Codes

    • 1: Lexile 80-451: 7F4MXN
    • 2: Lexile 451-650: JR2XHZ
    • 3: Lexile 601-770: UM6QF7
    • 4: Lexile 690-860: PPVYER
    • 5: Lexile 801-980: HFW3D2
    • 6: Lexile 901-1050: SAUP4R

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