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TwinCities Tutoring brings FREE educational services to immigrant and low-income communities throughout Minneapolis, tutoring all subjects at every grade level.

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Our students need journals, notebooks and other basic school supplies. The younger students benefit greatly from workbooks, especially over the summer. We need laptops and tablets for tutoring sessions, and office supplies to keep the operation running smoothly.

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Success Stories

“Great Results”
– Abdirahman, Minneapolis Thomas can make everything seem easier. When he explains it, things just make more sense. I started getting A’s on my tests for Algebra II and Precalculus, and then he helped with Calculus the next year.
Linda, 9th
– Renee T., North Minneapolis Linda went from Ds to Bs in math and science in just over one semester of intensive tutoring. She went from struggling with 5th grade math to passing 9th grade algebra: by spring, she was working problems independently with little help and guidance.
Xandrien L., 8th
– Benajean B., South Minneapolis 5/28/16 Thomas helped my teen to make great strides in Algebra and writing. He was great to help with real understanding and test prep for both the ACT and SAT Math. He was very patient, easy to reach, and easy to deal with. Thanks Thomas!!
Khalid, 7th; Sakariye, 6th; Yahye, 3rd
– Faizo T., Lutheran Social Services on 5/26/16 Dear mr. Thomas

Thank you very much for your hard work this year for helping my children

With reading and mathematics

With your helping dedication my children how are they’re better in school thank you for the time and energy they pass the MCA test they couldn’t have done it without you thank again from the bottom of aur hearts family