We are deeply indebted and eternally grateful to the many volunteers who have built TwinCities Tutoring.
Prasad Pamidi, with Vishnu Valleru

On our SalesForce NPSP CRM, Docmation built a custom student database app for us in a matter of weeks, adapting NPSP edition objects and infrastructure to fit myriad specifications. Throughout the process, they carefully explained dozens of pain points, our solution options, and their recommendations for simplifying workflows so that sequences would make intuitive sense to our employees and be easy for new recruits to learn as well. Their data model has proven indispensable to our business model, matching our need for maximum speed and efficiency–our top priority–with robust reporting and analytics capability. We could not be more pleased with the results. We are truly grateful to Prasad, and the entire team for the extraordinary tools they developed for us. Thanks to DOCMATION, we now have the ability to register, manage and track our hundreds of students.

Carol Fain Walters
Carol brought decades of nonprofit experience and a wealth of expertise to bear in helping us understand how our current culture defined our nonprofit structure, then created an organizational chart to clarify roles and responsibilities and drafted board governance documents and policies to match. The entire suite solidifies our corporate foundation, ensures that we are in compliance with state and federal law, and guides the operation of our non-profit now and in the years to come.
Kate Kruizenga
Kate studied our Case Statement and drafted a clear, visually compelling presentation of our story. The deck she created served as the public iteration of internal documents which we present to the community we serve, prospective partners and philanthropic groups eager to support our mission. Like our new board manual, this deck also serves as a set of guidelines for our team and for consultants who continue to build our organization along the way. Our new business planning documents add considerable value to our organization, helping us organize and focus our efforts.
Dhrooti Vyas
Just as Kate’s planning presentation builds on our Case Statement and board manual, business strategies by Dhrooti expand upon Kate’s business plan. They include marketing strategies with new tools like MailChimp and old tools like OneToday by Google; deepening partnerships and developing new ones; and refining our reports to help tell our story with numbers. Dhrooti also advised us on drafting and sequencing our first email marketing campaign in MailChimp, explaining the rationale and strategy for each. The result is a better look and tone with messaging that reflects our identity and the work we do each day.
Kayla Jones
Kayla designed the layout and visual style for our promotional literature, explaining the nexus of design, objectives and messaging along the way. Her marketing expertise helped us understand how each element should be selected according to its purpose. Kayla also created our MailChimp templates and taught us how to maximize impact with placement and brevity.
Additional Thanks To:

Ted Sadek
Ted Sadek is from TATA Consultancy Services helped us settle on SalesForce NPSP for our student student database.

Girija Joshi
Girija advises us on elements of web design including web forms and applications, writing code and fixing html.

Dhwani Yagnik
Dhwani (Rutgers University) worked on data management, designs, out-reach and development.
Website Design and Development By:
Lyra Yin
Lyra designed the theme, look and layout of our new site; selected the color scheme; wrote all the CSS for forms, buttons and sidebars; constructed and reconstructed the site’s architecture and organization. In short, Lyra built the entire set to spec with myriad customization requests along the way. No challenge was too tough. No technical hurdle too tall. We are truly fortunate to have had Lyra’s tremendous skill and expertise. You can find more of her work at: Lyra Yin Portfolio
SalesForce Admin and Customization
Neeraja Suribhatla
We’re truly fortunate to have had Neeraja’s help this past year. A certified SalesForce administrator, Neeraja consulted on or personally resolved countless issues with our SalesForce instance and completed a number of major customization projects including our Test Results object and reports. She advised us extensively on enhancements to our SF environment and integrations with third-party apps, as well as syncing SF with our new website, both before and during the NPSP 3 upgrade process. Her extraordinary talent in data management and solutions has been key or our successful implementation of SalesForce, making it possible to focus on our work rather than the myriad complexities of this highly technical platform.
Special Thanks To:
, and Kelli Antonucci NPower
Kelli is the principal technology liaison at The Community Corps. She has matched us with a wide array of consultants and IT professionals who have have guided us on virtually every detail of our technology needs. We are deeply indebted to Kelli and the entire team at NPower.

Everyone at
Taproot has connected us with a wealth of pro bono support for non-tech related projects ranging from board governance to accounting needs, business plans and marketing strategies.
Alen MJ,
Alen is a freelance web marketing analyst and technical advisor with FOJ Marketing. He developed our Google AdWords campaign, designed the AdGroups and advised us throughout the Google AdGrants enrollment process.

Kelli Cesarz
Kelli led our follow-up Google AdWords project and efforts to better organize our Adwords campaigns. She advised us extensively on structuring our account and syncing messages with our new site content.
Sujatha Rao
Sujatha advised on our test results object development project in SalesForce and the selection of an online surveys service, plus did all the mapping and configured the reports so we can more readily analyze our students’ progress.
Gen Herres,
Anphira logo Gen is the founder and principal partner of Anphira, a web design firm in Mountaintop, PA that specializes is WordPress. She guided us through every aspect of the setup process for our original Google site, and helped us understand our domain’s potential.
Patrick Mattei
Patrick is a freelance web design analyst and technical advisor. He discovered a workaround when Google was blocking 3rd party script and allowed for the seamless integration of donations forms on this website.
Kayla Schroeck
You can see more of Kayla’s designs at:
Lucy Xing
Lucy set up many of our social media accounts and has done a great deal of messaging for us.
Some icons on the website are created by ChangeHoon Baek, Hans Paul Mosl Junior and Charlene Chen from Noun Project.